Countdown Christmas Club Terms and Conditions


You must register for Christmas Club account membership with:

  1. a valid email address;
  2. New Zealand residential address; and
  3. your registered Onecard number.

You can only have one valid account per person at any time, and multiple accounts cannot be registered with the same email address.

5% Bonus

The Christmas Club period (“period”) runs from 1 December to the following 30 November. 

On 1 December each year, Countdown will add a 5% bonus to the amount topped up and saved in your Christmas Club account, during that immediately preceding period.  The bonus is calculated based on the total top ups made in your account during that period, which are still in your account balance at midnight on 30 November.  For example, on 1 December this year, a 5% bonus will be added to top ups made between 1 December last year and 30 November this year.

Amounts not eligible for the 5% bonus will include:

  • amounts redeemed before midnight, 30 November;
  • any existing balances carried over from previous periods (i.e periods prior to the immediately preceding period), and
  • amounts that have not been added to your account by the cut off of midnight, 30 November.

The bonus amount is added directly to your Christmas Club account on 1 December, and can only be redeemed during the months of December and January. On 1 February, any unredeemed bonus will be locked until the following December and January. During the months of December and January, when you spend your Christmas Club funds in-store, the bonus amounts will be redeemed first, followed by top ups in the order they were added to your account. Outside of these months, no bonus amounts can be redeemed and your top ups will be redeemed in the order they were made to your account.

Top ups & Account balance

Top ups made to your Christmas Club account through online banking will take from 2 to 4 business days to be added to your Christmas Club account balance.

The maximum balance your account can hold is $4,999, including any bonus applied. Any top ups made that will result in the maximum balance being exceeded, will not be accepted into your Christmas Club account and will be credited back to your bank account. In practice, this means that the maximum top ups you can make in each period is $4,760, as once the 5% bonus is applied on 1 December, this would approximately reach the maximum balance.

The maximum amount you can load to your Christmas Club account in any given 12 month period is $9,999. Any top ups made that will exceed this amount will be credited back to your bank account.

You must reference the correct account number when topping up your Christmas Club account through online banking. Instructions on this can be found at Online payments made to Countdown Christmas Club are your responsibility; we are not liable for payments made with the wrong reference details.

Once funds are added to your Christmas Club account, they are non-refundable.

Christmas Club funds are all credited to a Countdown Christmas Club account at ANZ bank.  Both Countdown and the service provider that Countdown has engaged to administer the Christmas Club programme (Tranxactor New Zealand Limited), have visibility of deposits and Christmas Club account balances, in order to administer the Christmas Club programme.  Please refer to the Privacy section below for further information relating to your personal information that may be held as a result of your Christmas Club registration.


Christmas Club funds can be used to purchase goods in-store at Countdown only and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Christmas Club funds (including any Christmas Club vouchers still in existence) cannot be used to purchase goods through Countdown online shopping.

You can redeem funds you have added to your account in-store at any time throughout the year; however, bonus amounts earned are only redeemable during the months of December and January.


The PIN printed on the back of your Christmas Club card can be changed by you during or after your card is registered.  For security purposes, it is the responsibility of the account holder to select a personalized PIN.

If your Christmas Club card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to 0800 40 40 40. The account can be put on hold and any future activity blocked; however, any funds used before the account is put on hold will be the Christmas Club account holders’ responsibility.


Registering and participating in the Christmas Club programme involves you providing certain personal information to us which is covered by our Privacy Policy.

As set out in our Privacy Policy, we may contract certain specialist service providers to assist with administering our programmes.  In the case of our Christmas Club programme, we have contracted Tranxactor New Zealand Limited to administer it. They are required by our contract with them to adhere to our strict confidentiality requirements and to the requirements of our Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act.

Christmas Club card

Your Christmas Club card is issued and managed by General Distributors Limited, a subsidiary of Countdown, and all obligations owed to you under these terms and conditions in respect of your Christmas Club card are owed by General Distributors Limited.