Countdown scam warning

Unfortunately there are a number of scams at any given time where the Countdown brand is used to target customers, asking for personal details.

Countdown does not and will not ask for personal details such as PIN numbers over the phone or online. 

Countdown does occasionally make call to customers about insurance products, these products are underwritten by Cigna. If you're concerned that the call you received wasn't authentic, then hang up and call Countdown Insurance on 0800 99 77 00.

We would strongly encourage our customers not to give out their personal details to anyone proclaiming to be from Countdown. 

Customers should be cautious about any email that offers free shopping at Countdown.

We are regularly in touch with the Police when we become aware of scams.


If ​an email you received ​doesn't look like an email you'd usually receive from Countdown, doesn't come from a Countdown email address, has a .zip file attachment or there is any mention of an international addressthen this is likely a scam. 

Businesses like Countdown and other major retailers or airlines are frequently targeted because we have large customer bases and do often run competitions so communications from us can seem quite plausible.


All our Facebook competitions are featured on our Facebook page and all our Onecard Competitions are featured on our website so you can always check if an offer or promotion is legitimate. If you have any doubts, please contact us immediately on 0800 40 40 40.

Text messages:

From time to time, we do send out promotional text message communications to those customers who are opted in to receive them. These messages will come from the number 800. To see if you are opted in to get text messages from us, make sure you're logged in to your Onecard account, and then check your Text Settings under "Your Profile". Here, you can also opt out of text message communications from us.
For our online shopping customers, you will receive text message updates about your order from the number 4141 for Delivery and 5872 for Pick Up.


Countdown does run legitimate customer surveys. These are either run on our behalf by Inmoment and promoted via a website link printed on the till receipt shoppers get in store, or customers would have had to agree to join our survey panel at some point previously and the prizes for these surveys are Countdown gift vouchers.
From mid-November 2017, we have launched our Countdown Listens survey via email. This email is sent to customers who have signed up to receive Research emails from Countdown. To see if you are signed up for Research emails, make sure you're logged in and then check your Preference Hub page by clicking on "My Details".

​Below are some regularly-used scams:

  • Emails from "" and "" are scams and we ask you not to interact with the email.
  • Any text messages from 6065, 6064, 8222, 538, 4371, 4372, 2991, or 5428 telling you that you have won a voucher or gift card.
  • Text messages that contain links to "" are a scam and not associated with us.
  • Emails from ""
  • Emails coming from "" advising you that you are on the list to win a Gift Card. Do not click any links on the email, including the links to "unsubscribe".
  • Emails stating you have paid your bill twice and you need to click a link to confirm the refund.
  • Emails coming from "count_down" advising you that you have won, or could win a varying sum of money, generally $2000. This is a scam and is in no way associated with us.
  • A fake Facebook page called "CountDown" which has sponsored posts encouraging people to enter a survey. We will only ever post from our verified Facebook page (with the blue tick next to it).
  • Emails from "" asking you to complete a survey.
  • Emails from "London Mediterranean Festival" asking customers to "call our reward computer" are a scam. Please do not click any links within the email.
  • Emails from "Voucher World - Countdown"  are in no way associated with us. Please do not engage with the email.
  • There is a known pop up on Facebook that appears when some links are clicked on. This pop up is a survey that encourages customers to answer questions in order to win prizes such as phones and gaming devices. We encourage customers who see this to not engage with it, or share it.
  • Email from someone at "CountDoown Store" regarding a monthly drawn of a 500 NZD Countdown voucher.
  • Any emails from "Countdown Support" advising you of suspicious activity. Please do not click the link within the email.
  • Emails claiming there has been suspicious activity on your account and ask you to click a link (hattaxen) to verify your IP address. Please do not click the link!
  • Emails from offering a chance to win grocery vouchers - do not click on the link.
  • Emails from mentioning a persons colleague has tried to contact you in regard to a $2000 Countdown gift card. 
  • Emails offering a refund from any supermarket, sent from Digipaymium Limited.
  • Any email with reference to a 2000 NZD Countdown giftcard from or Agence Keriola.
  • Any 'promotional' emails sent by "KiwiWithLove" or or or or a or email address.
  • Emails from are not associated with us. Please DO NOT open the zip file attached to the email.
  • Any suspicious emails with zip files attached. Be very cautious with these and get in contact before opening the file if you are unsure.
  • An email on behalf of Survey Card wanting to connect with you to give you a $2000 Countdown Survey Gift.
  • Any communications from photographers offering up Countdown gift cards have no association with Countdown.
  • A Facebook advertisement offering a fake Countdown $75 voucher for a 36th anniversary.
  • Emails from "Countdown Warehouse" claiming the recipient has won a gift.
  • Email communications from Prize Notification or Countdown Survey with the subject line "Re: confirmation of Countdown prize, <name>".
  • Any coupons on Facebook or the internet from have no association with Countdown.
  • Any Jobs advertised through 'Job in a Click' have no association with Countdown.
  • Customers receiving an email saying they have won a Countdown gift card or prize voucher which links to a gambling website.
  • Customers receiving an email saying that they have been credited with free 'grocery dollars' with a 'Pre-Paid Golden Card'.
  • We have had reports from customers that the website is advertising $1000 of Countdown vouchers if you enter your personal information into a draw. This website is not connected to Countdown and has been found to spam people with advertising and charge per text message. We advise customers not to participate in the draw.
  • Customers receive a phone call to ask for a series of four digit pin numbers before or after they have stolen the person’s EFTPOS card.
  • Customers receive an email or letter stating that they have won an amount of money, they then have to ring or email personal details to receive the voucher.
  • Customers get a telephone offer of a $500 hamper and personal details are requested. The same process could also be directed to either telephone number or website. 
  • Emails from asking for credit card details to purchase a $50 Countdown voucher for $1.
  • Emails from Counttdown Express Emma stating that you have been chosen to receive a Countdown grocery voucher worth $1000 and requests you to answer 3 questions and confirm your details. 

Remember, if the offer seems too good to be true or sounds suspicious, it probably is.


To report a scam to internet safety group NetSafe, either log the incident via its website or call NetSafe on 0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723).

Scam emails can also be reported to The Department of Internal Affairs’ Electronic Messaging Compliance Team at Find out more on The Department of Internal Affairs website