Countdown scam warning

Unfortunately there are a number of scams at any given time where the Countdown brand is used to target customers, asking for personal details.

Countdown does not and will not ask for personal details such as PIN numbers over the phone or online.  

We would strongly encourage our customers not to give out their personal details to anyone proclaiming to be from Countdown. If you have any doubts, please contact us immediately on 0800 40 40 40.

Customers should be cautious about any email that offers free shopping at Countdown.

If ​an email you received ​doesn't look like an email you'd usually receive from Countdown, doesn't come from a Countdown email address, or there is any mention of an international address, then this is likely a scam. 


We are regularly in touch with the Police when we become aware of scams.

​Below are a couple of regularly-used scams:

  • Any coupons on Facebook or the internet from have no association with Countdown
  • Email communications from Prize Notification with the subject line "Re: confirmation of Countdown prize, <name>"
  • Any Jobs advertised through 'Job in a Click' have no association with Countdown
  • Any communications from a email address has no association with Countdown
  • Customers receiving an email saying they have won a Countdown gift card or prize voucher which links to a gambling website.
  • Customers receiving an email saying that they have been credited with free 'grocery dollars' with a 'Pre-Paid Golden Card'.
  • We have had reports from customers that the website is advertising $1000 of Countdown vouchers if you enter your personal information into a draw. This website is not connected to Countdown and has been found to spam people with advertising and charge per text message. We advise customers not to participate in the draw.
  • Customers receive a phone call to ask for a series of four digit pin numbers before or after they have stolen the person’s EFTPOS card.
  • Customers receive an email or letter stating that they have won an amount of money, they then have to ring or email personal details to receive the voucher.
  • Customers get a telephone offer of a $500 hamper and personal details are requested. The same process could also be directed to either telephone number or website. 
  • Any communications from the email address has no association with Countdown.
  • Customers have informed us there is an email scam going around from asking for credit card details to purchase a $50 Countdown voucher for $1.
  • Any emails from offering a free "CountDown" voucher.

Remember, if the offer seems too good to be true or sounds suspicious, it probably is.