Sea Life Kelly Tarlton's Turtle Rehabilitation Programme

Countdown is proud to partner with Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s Turtle Rehabilitation Programme. New Zealand’s only turtle rescue and recovery programme.

Each year sick and injured marine turtles wash up on our shores.  Of the seven marine turtle species, five are found in New Zealand waters and all of them are endangered or critically endangered.

The dedicated and passionate team at Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s nurse these special animals back to health, with the aim of eventually releasing them back into the ocean.

The sad reality is most of these turtles are impacted by (the growing) plastic pollution in our seas. Turtles often mistake plastic matter for food and sadly ingest it, which can have disastrous, often fatal, effects.

On Wednesday 14 March, Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s released two turtles back into the wild near the Poor Knights Island off the coast of Whangarei. To help celebrate, Countdown’s three Whangarei stores have gone plastic bag free at the checkouts and online for the day, and we’re giving away more than 15,000 reusable bags.

Countdown was the first supermarket in New Zealand to commit to phasing out single use plastic carrier bags from our checkouts and online shopping by the end of this year.  We are committed to reducing plastic from New Zealand as well as supporting our customers to reduce their reliance on plastic.

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