Chocolate Rum Truffles

clock 30 minutes + 5 minutes bowl Serves 20


  • 200g dark chocolate, grated
  • 150ml cream
  • 20g butter
  • 1 Tbsp dark rum (or rum or almond flavouring)
  • Cocoa, to coat
  • Flaked almonds, toasted, to coat
  • Desiccated coconut, to coat
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  • 1. Place chocolate in a large heatproof bowl. Combine cream and butter in a small saucepan. Stir over a medium heat until almost boiling. Remove from heat and pour over chocolate. Set aside for 1-2 minutes. Add rum and stir until smooth. Cover and chill overnight.

  • 2. Line a large tray with baking paper. Place cocoa, almonds and coconut in separate shallow bowls.

  • 3. Using your hands, shape heaped teaspoons of mixture into balls. Roll in cocoa or other toppings to coat well. Transfer to tray. Chill for 20 minutes.


  • • Energy 447Kj • Protein 1g • Total Fat 8g • Saturated Fat 5g • Carbohydrates 7g • Sugars 6g • Sodium 14mg

  • Dietary and nutritional info supplied by NZ Nutrition Foundation

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