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Your new AA membership card is also your Onecard and AA Smartfuel card. It is already registered for you, with your details and existing points and fuel balances automatically transferred.

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Frequently asked questions

If you are an AA Member, you should have received a new AA Membership card in the mail from the Automobile Association.  This is also a Onecard and an AA Smartfuel card all in one.  Once you use this card in Countdown, your registration is complete.  Only upon first use will your details, including Onecard points balances, linked accounts etc be transferred.  Swipe your new AA Membership card in-store at Countdown to activate.

If you have not received your new AA Membership card please contact 0800 500 444

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Yes any discount balances that you have, will transfer across when you register.  You can do this on the AA Smartfuel app or at

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Yes - simply use your new combined Onecard/AA Smartfuel card at a participating AA Smartfuel partner site, spend a minimum of $40 on fuel, and you'll automatically get a 6 cent per litre discount  - no spend at Countdown required.  Make sure you sign up to get AA Smartfuel emails as from time to time  AA Smartfuel partners do extra discount days.

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As an AA Member, your AA Membership card is automatically an AA Smartfuel card and now it is also a Onecard. That means that your new AA Membership card (issued after 3 October 2016) does three things. One piece of plastic that does all three things - how easy is that.

  1. It’s your AA Membership card - the one you need to call AA Roadservice
  2. It’s an AA Smartfuel card - which you use at participating AA Smartfuel partner sites to get fuel discounts
  3. Now it’s also a Onecard - which you can use it at Countdown to get Club Prices and also earn Onecard points toward Onecard Rewards Vouchers or add to your fuel savings with AA Smartfuel.

And, as an AA Member there is no need for you to register this new card. When you start to use this new card at Countdown everything will be taken care of.  However, if you decide you don't want to use your new AA Membership card at Countdown then nothing will happen - you can simply continue to use this new card as your AA Membership card and your AA Smartfuel discount card.

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No - as an AA Member you already have all of these benefits in your new AA Membership card (issued after 3 October 2016).

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When you register your new Onecard, we ask you for your old Onecard number. This is so we can transfer all your existing details and settings such as linked cards. If you are an AA Member this happens after you have first swiped your AA Membership card in-store at Countdown.

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You will need to replace your old AA Smartfuel card with one of the new cards by picking one up from a Countdown store or from BP and Caltex and adding it to your existing Onecard account.  One card that replaces two (or three) pieces of plastic has to be good news!

You only need to register the new card once, ie with Countdown or with AA Smartfuel.  You dont need to do it with both.

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If you have the above AA Membership card and would like to earn Onecard food rewards at Countdown, check out our helpful FAQ's.

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