Swipe your Onecard at the checkout and online when you shop at Countdown to earn rewards.

If you choose to earn Onecard Rewards, you'll get points for shopping at Countdown. For every whole $10 you spend at Countdown you'll earn a Onecard point. Every 200 points gets you a $15 Onecard e-voucher!

As soon as you have earned a Onecard e-voucher it will be loaded onto your nominated Onecard (we’ll notify you by email when it’s available.) You can use it when you want in-store, at the self-checkout and online.

You also have the option to 'Save for later' for up to 12 months, or 'Donate' your e-voucher. You’ll be able to choose from our list of charity partners. Select the option you’d prefer on your My Onecard e-vouchers page.

There's no limit to how many vouchers you can earn. The more you shop at Countdown, the more you'll save!

Some products such as tobacco don't qualify.

See terms and conditions for more details.

Common FAQs about Onecard Reward Vouchers.

You need a Onecard registered to earn Onecard points, and you earn one Onecard point for every whole $10 you spend at Countdown. When you have earned 200 Onecard points a $15 Onecard e-voucher will automatically be added to your nominated Onecard. As soon as you have earned a Onecard e-voucher it will be available to use straight away, or you can choose to save it for later or to donate it.

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Yes – there is a 12 month expiry. Before then, choose to donate them or save them for later such as for Christmas or for that special occasion. That way you can save the way you want!

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No – with Onecard e-vouchers you’ll be rewarded with your Onecard e-voucher as soon as you have earned it (normally within 15 minutes when you shop in-store).

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Your paper vouchers are still all good and you can use them in-store up until the expiry date printed on them. Remember to use them before they expire.

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Absolutely! We understand how frustrating it was not to be able to use your paper vouchers online. Now it's easy. If you have a Onecard e-voucher, it'll be in the checkout ready for when you want.

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