How Onecard Club Prices work.

Swiping your Onecard in-store and online gives you access to Exclusive Onecard Club Prices.

Onecard Club Prices are discounts on loads of products every day, and they’re only available to Onecard members.

To access these exclusive prices, just swipe your Onecard at the Countdown checkout.

You can also access them when you shop online using your Onecard.

Every day you can find Onecard Club Prices in-store, on our website, in our mailer and in your myCountdown emails.

Keep an eye on them to take advantage of great prices on the things you love!

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Common FAQs about Onecard Club Prices

Earn one point for every whole $10 you spend on qualifying goods and services when you use your Onecard in store or online. So, if you spend $50 you earn five (5) Onecard points, spend $150 to earn 15 Onecard points and so on.

Every 200 points you earn gives you a $15 Onecard Rewards Voucher. So if you earn 400 points you'll receive a voucher to the value of $30. The more points you earn, the more Onecard Rewards Vouchers you’ll receive.

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Absolutely yes! Nothing changes here - as a Onecard customer you will still be able to save more with products that offer exclusive Club Prices for Onecard customers.

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There are a wide range of products everyday that have Exclusive Onecard Club Prices.  You can find out more by signing up to receive myCountdown, visit the website, in the mailer in your letterbox or look for the Club Price tickets on the shelves in store (and online).

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