How instant savings at the pump work.

Thanks to our partnership with AA Smartfuel, swipe your new Onecard at BP or Caltex to receive 6 cents off per litre whenever you spend a minimum of $40 on fuel in a single transaction.

You get this saving any time you spend $40 or more on fuel at AA Smartfuel partners BP or Caltex, you don't need to shop at Countdown!

A maximum fill limit of 50 litres applies.

You can choose to accumulate this discount, and add it to the discounts you have earned across the AA Smartfuel partner village, including Countdown.

Discounts you accumulate are valid until the end of the following month.

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Common FAQs about instant fuel savings

Simply use your new combined Onecard/AA Smartfuel card at a participating AA Smartfuel partner site, spend a minimum of $40 on fuel, and you'll automatically get a 6 cent per litre discount  - no spend at Countdown required.  Make sure you sign up to get AA Smartfuel emails as from time to time  AA Smartfuel partners do extra discount days.

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You can fill up as often as you like to access these instant fuel savings as long as you spend $40 or more on fuel at the time.

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BP or Caltex are the AA Smartfuel partners where you can redeem fuel discounts.

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