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How to earn AA Smartfuel discounts by shopping at Countdown.

If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel, earning AA Smartfuel discounts can help boost your fuel savings.

Swipe your Onecard at the checkout and online when you shop at Countdown to earn rewards.

If you choose to earn AA Smartfuel discounts, we'll reward you for shopping at Countdown with fuel discounts that we'll add you to your AA Smartfuel balance. 

Spend $100 in a week at Countdown to earn a 3 cents off per litre AA Smartfuel discount.  

If you spend $200 in a week, you'll earn a 6 cents off per litre AA Smartfuel discount.  

6 cents per litre is the maximum AA Smartfuel discount you can earn from Countdown in a week.

Please note for online shopping, your spend is allocated by invoice date. 

Discounts are valid until the end of the following month, e.g. a discount earned on any day in October will expire on 30 November. 

A maximum fill limit of 50 litre applies when redeeming your discounts.

Some products such as tobacco don't qualify. 

See terms and conditions for more details.

Spend $100 at Countdown
Spend $200 at Countdown

AA Smartfuel allows you to save even more by accumulating.

Just like Christine.

Christine loves to shop and swipe her new look Onecard at Countdown, and she loves to save on fuel. Christine’s also savvy; she accumulates her savings every time she shops and swipes to earn a big fuel discount.


TURBO BOOST your savings with the AA Smartfuel partner village!

Common FAQs about AA Smartfuel Discounts.

AA Smartfuel cardStart using the new card (issued after 9 October 2016) at Countdown to earn AA Smartfuel discounts.  You’ll need to use the new card (as per the picture to the right) to do that.  

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BP or Caltex are the AA Smartfuel partners where you can redeem fuel discounts.

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In most circumstances you are actually better off.  

You now get to choose the reward you want for your spend at Countdown - AND - when you use the new combined Onecard/AA Smartfuel card at a participating AA Smartfuel partner site, the AA Smartfuel part of the card means that when you spend a minimum of $40 on fuel you automatically get a 6 cpl discount on your fuel - no spend at Countdown required.  And even better, when you accumulate the savings mount up.   Learn more about accumulating here.

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