For a limited time you can earn Double Rewards when you use your Onecard in-store or online*.  That's double the Onecard points for your groceries or double AA Smartfuel discounts for your fuel savings.

If you earn AA Smartfuel discounts you can double your cents per litre earnings up to 12 cents per litre and remember a maximum fill of up to 50 litres applies.

Make sure you have a registered Onecard!

The fuel earnings can't be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer on fuel. Get swiping and enjoy double the fun.

*The rewards that are doubled will depend on whether you previously selected ‘food’ (Onecard points) or ‘fuel’ (AA Smartfuel discounts) as a Reward preference. Double Rewards are not applicable to any other fuel offer. Double Rewards are only available on qualifying spend from 00.01 am DAY NAME DAY MONTH YEAR  to 11.59 pm DAY NAME DAY MONTH YEAR .

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