Save more with Onecard.

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Three ways you save.

With your new Onecard you automatically get all three.

Exclusive Onecard Club Prices at Countdown


Instant savings at the pump at BP and Caltex

A minimum spend of $40 on fuel in a single transaction and a maximum fill limit of 50 litres applies.


Earn Onecard Rewards Vouchers or AA Smartfuel discounts by shopping at Countdown

Six things you should know about Onecard.

Keeping your points

Any existing Onecard points or AA Smartfuel Discounts you have earned will remain in your accounts.

No need for multiple cards

Your new Onecard takes the place of both your existing Onecard and AA Smartfuel Card – so there’s no need to carry around two cards.

Swap whenever you want

You can swap your Countdown rewards between earning AA Smartfuel discounts and Onecard Rewards Vouchers whenever you want.

Earn Onecard Rewards Vouchers

If you choose to earn Onecard Rewards Vouchers, you can only earn points by shopping at Countdown.

AA Smartfuel Cardholders

You can still use the new card to accumulate fuel discounts across the AA Smartfuel partner village as you currently do now.

AA Members

The new AA Membership card is also your Onecard and AA Smartfuel card. To check your balance and manage your account go to the AA website.

How to get started:

Grab your new Onecard in-store, swipe at the checkout and start saving today.

Register online and choose the rewards you want to earn.

The more you shop, the more you save!