Countdown and Cookie Time team up to bring a new flavour to the table this Easter: Cookie Smash Choc Cross Buns

Countdown and Cookie Time have teamed-up to put a twist on a traditional Easter treat with a brand new, limited-edition flavour of hot cross buns: Cookie Smash Choc Cross Buns.

Michael Whorskey, Countdown’s Bakery Merchandise Manager, says Countdown is really excited to have collaborated with Cookie Time to put a delicious new spin on an Easter classic that he’s sure Kiwis will love. 

“Our top bakers have been working hard behind the scenes with the Cookie Time team for months and, while we’ve been baking hot cross buns at Countdown for quite a few years now, we reckon this is the flavour to beat them all! 

“The Cookie Smash Choc Cross Bun has the classic, soft dough that we all know and love, but instead of raisins it has delicious Cookie Time chocolate chunks and cookie pieces throughout, a cocoa cross on top and a mini Cookie Time Chocolate Chip cookie nestled into the top of the bun.”

Lincoln Booth, Cookie Time General Manager, says it’s been a great collaborative project, leveraging the expertise of each business.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to bring Cookie Time into the Easter occasion, and to work with the Countdown bakers to create the most delicious hot cross bun in the land this season.” 

Freshly baked Cookie Smash Choc Cross Buns are available exclusively in Countdown stores throughout Aotearoa now. Each pack is $8.00 and contains six buns. 


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