21/08: Media statement regarding Countdown Church Corner

Attribute to Kiri Hannifin, Countdown’s General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability

"We had a recent incident at our Church Corner store in Christchurch when a customer, who had previously been trespassed for abusive behaviour, was refused entry. This customer spat on the security guard and refused to leave the store.

The police attended and apprehended the customer. The security guard is being tested for COVID-19 and being supported during this process. It is always incredibly disappointing when our team are subject to abusive behaviour, but it is particularly distressing when this involves spitting at a time when the country is experiencing a community outbreak of COVID-19.

Generally New Zealanders are doing a great job at following the rules, which is fantastic. We have definitely seen some customers refusing masks and being difficult and sometimes abusive to our team in the last few days, and we’d continue to ask people to respect our team, treat them with kindness, and wear a mask or face covering.

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