17/08 Updated media statement regarding COVID-19 Alert Level 4

Attribute to Kiri Hannifin, Countdown’s General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability.

We’re really proud of the way our team has dealt with the increased demand we’ve seen in our stores across the country this evening. We’d remind everyone that there is plenty of food and groceries to go around when people buy what they need, and thanks to all our shoppers who have heeded our call to keep it kind.

Across New Zealand we’re working quickly to put in all the measures we need to operate at level 4 from midnight. This includes physical distancing, limiting the number of customers in stores, extra cleaning on top of what we normally do, having plenty of hand sanitiser available, and making sure the COVID-19 Tracer App QR codes are clearly visible. We also have limits of six on some products in Auckland: toilet paper, flour, bags of rice, dry pasta, UHT milk, frozen vegetables, baby formula, pet food.

All our stores will open as usual tomorrow, but will close at 9pm. For our online shoppers, demand is heavy but our Priority Assistance service is back up and running for vulnerable New Zealanders and all deliveries nationwide will be contactless. As always, please scan in, wear a mask and only buy what you need. Our stores are well aware of what we need to do, and we’re here to help again.

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