Countdown launches first real-time sales app for suppliers

Countdown has today launched a new app called Compass, which enables its supplier partners to more closely monitor sales of their products in any Countdown store.

Available for free on both ios and Android, Compass draws on historical sales patterns to calculate dynamic daily sales expectations for every product in every store.  The app generates alerts for suppliers if sales drop below expectations, giving them the knowledge and opportunity to quickly identify and fix potential out-of-stocks or other issues.

Countdown’s General Manager Merchandise & Replenishment, Steve Mills, says after seeing the app in action in Woolworths in Australia, many local suppliers had been asking for it to be made available here too.

“We’re expecting Compass to be a really valuable tool for our suppliers, to help them understand what’s happening in any one store in real-time, but also to be able to act on that knowledge.

“For example, there might be a product which is flying off the shelves somewhere but currently a supplier won’t always get that information with enough time to make a change for tomorrow.  With Compass we’ll all have that knowledge. Likewise, if there’s a product which isn’t selling as well as we expected, why is that? Is there stock on the shelf, have we got the display right and what else could be done to fix it?

“Not only does Compass let you view live planograms in every store as soon as they’re available, it also enables you to see stock on hand, stock on order, stock in transit, price information and presentation levels.  One of the biggest benefits of Compass however is the ability for our suppliers’ reps to print shelf tickets. This request sends the ticket directly to the printing queue for our Price Integrity managers, which speeds changes up no end,” says Steve Mills.

“We see Compass as a genuine win-win because a lost sale for a supplier is most likely an unsatisfied Countdown customer as well.  We believe that the introduction of Compass here has the potential to recoup real value for suppliers while improving availability for our customers at the same time.”

Countdown has already piloted Compass with eight local suppliers, and the feedback has been resoundingly positive. 

“We’ve already seen the pilot suppliers change their call cycle to target the right stores on the right days and times. This is resulting in better on-shelf availability for our customers.  

“The suppliers who tested it can see how helpful this tool will be for their merchandisers and how beneficial the greater insight across their whole field force is, to help ensure they’re focused on addressing the right things in the right stores for the benefit of customers,” says Steve Mills.

The app is free for suppliers to use.  If you would like more information on Compass and how to download the app please contact



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