Countdown awards a $10 million share gift to 14,400 team members

Countdown has today announced that it is awarding Woolworths Group shares to its eligible team members, providing 14,400 Kiwis across its 183 stores and distribution centres with an ownership stake in the company.

The shares not only recognise the way the business has pulled together over the last few months to provide food for millions of Kiwis across the country, but also acknowledges the role Countdown’s team members will play as the business supports the country’s recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

Each eligible full-time team member receives AUD$750 of shares with part-time eligible team members allocated shares on a pro rata basis.

Managing Director Natalie Davis says Countdown’s team around the country has gone above and beyond since the end of February, and the share award gives team members an investment in its future.

“This has been a big year for our teams, and we are very proud of the way they have served New Zealand.  Their passion and dedication to our customers, their care for their local communities and to each other over this very challenging time has been incredible, and we are immensely grateful,” says Natalie Davis.

“One of the things these last months has shown us is that we really can make things a little better for Kiwis, and for our own team and our communities.  We’ve taken some time to think about the future of our business and the role we play in New Zealand’s recovery and success, and we want our team to have a stake in this too.  

“Our frontline team members are the face, heart and centre of our business.  As we look forward and work as a team together to help build a better tomorrow for our country, we want to recognise our team’s role in that, and give them ownership of the huge part they play in creating it,” says Natalie Davis.

“Our business has achieved amazing things in the last year - reducing our emissions, phasing out tonnes of single use plastic, providing safe environments and affordable food for our customers.  But none of those achievements would be possible without our team.”

Countdown is one of the largest employers in the country, with 20,373 team members across its supermarkets, distribution centres, processing plants and support offices.  

Team members who aren’t eligible for the share award include any team members who already receive incentives as part of their employment with Countdown, those employed after the 1 March and non-permanent team.

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