Countdown takes the pledge to stand up to racism

Countdown is one of a group of leading New Zealand retailers to join forces and take a stand against racism in their retail stores. 

Countdown, Z Energy, The Warehouse Group, and Foodstuffs have signed the ‘NZ Retailers Against Racism Pledge’ to signal their ongoing commitment to proactively addressing racism and other forms of abuse their teams might experience in their place of work.

Countdown’s Head of Corporate Affairs, Safety and Sustainability Kiri Hannifin says that with a diverse team of 20,000 Kiwis working across their business, signing the pledge sends a clear message. 

“We want our team to always feel safe at work and the same goes for customers shopping in our stores. By signing the pledge, we’re letting people know that Countdown stores are places of tolerance, respect and safety. Places where racism or hateful conduct or any kind will not be accepted.” 

The pledge has been released in time to support the Human Rights Commission’s latest Give Nothing to Racism campaign which focuses on combating the racism experienced by Chinese-New Zealanders and our Asian communities as a result of COVID-19.

The Pledge: 

We pledge to:

Take a leading role in creating an inclusive New Zealand, where our workplaces are free of racism, prejudice and intolerance of any kind.  

We will continue to develop and embed the policies and practices needed to proactively address racism and other forms of abuse at work. We are committed to a culture of empathy, and ensuring our team and customers always feel safe and welcome in our workplaces. 

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