Think Meat “Sans beef” - 100% plant-based mince set to land in the meat aisle at Countdown

This week, vegan visionary Funky Fields will launch its plant-based mince alternative, Minced, to New Zealand. It’s the first time a vegan option has been offered in the meat aisle at Countdown supermarkets nationwide, giving customers the chance to try the plant-based megatrend taking the world by storm.

Formulated to taste like its meat counterpart, Minced has the same protein content of beef when cooked (18 per cent), and gives Kiwis the opportunity to enjoy classic recipes such as lasagne or spaghetti bolognese – but with a vegan twist.

Vegan, vegetarianism and flexiartism, are growing trends within New Zealand with Roy Morgan recently indicating that more than one in ten Kiwis say that they are always or often vegetarian.  Countdown has seen more than 30 per cent growth in demand for vegan and vegetarian chilled food.

Funky Fields Director, Peter Jones, hopes introducing Minced in New Zealand will reinvent the meat category by challenging the perception that meat-like products can only come from animals.

“Minced is meat - it’s just made from plants! Our team spent more than a year developing a plant-based version of mince that will make your mouth water – even if you’re a meat lover – and will help to reframe the way we think about meat,” Jones says.

“We hope when people see Minced in the meat aisle that it will encourage more Kiwi’s to try it out, which is good for both the environment and our health,” Jones adds.

Alton Gullery, Countdown’s Head of Meat, says Kiwis are choosing to be more healthy and a raft of different reasons are driving a move towards including more plant-based meals from sustainability, the environment, concerns about animal welfare and general diet and health.

“While still very popular, meat is no longer the only protein on our plates these days. New Zealanders are eating less red meat and actively searching out alternatives.

“We’re really excited to offer Kiwis a tasty vegan mince option. We think this will give even more Kiwis the opportunity to try something new and it's also a really easy way to get kids to eat their veggies,” says Alton Gullery.

Made from natural ingredients, Minced contains soya and wheat protein, beetroot, mushrooms, tomato and coconut oil.

Minced ingredients:

• Soybeans: The soybeans are GMO free and have a high level of protein to work in with the wheat

• Wheat: The wheat in combination with soy to create the unique texture

• Coconut: The small white spots in the “meat” are coconut oil

• Beetroot: Minced colour comes from beetroot

• Tomato, Mushrooms and Roasted Almonds: Give Minced the unique umami flavor Funky Fields

Minced will be available at Countdown supermarkets nationwide from 15 November for $11 (400g).

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