Countdown joins 60 leading New Zealand businesses in a commitment to address climate change

12 July 2018: Countdown has today joined a group of leading New Zealand businesses who have joined forces to tackle climate change.

Countdown’s General Manager Corporate Affairs, Kiri Hannifin, says Countdown is proud to be part of such a concerted commitment by the New Zealand business community to do more on this issue.  The businesses, from a range of industries, make up nearly 50 per cent of New Zealand’s emissions.

“While action on climate change is something everyone has a role in, seeing a number of businesses come together for a common purpose is really heartening due the scale of impact we can have,” says Kiri Hannifin.

“Our collective goal is to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy and, in doing so, create a positive future for New Zealanders, business, and the economy,” she says.

“While Countdown has measured and reported our carbon emissions for a number of years, by signing the Climate Change Statement we’re committing to continue to do this and to work with suppliers to reduce emissions with the aim of helping to keep global warming within two degrees, as specified in the Paris Agreement.”

Last year, Countdown set out 20 Corporate Social Responsibility commitments out to 2020, two of which relate directly to climate change.  The company has a goal to reduce carbon emissions to 10 per cent below 2015 levels, and to innovate with natural refrigerants and reduce refrigerant leakage in stores by 15 per cent of CO2 equivalent below 2015 levels.

The Climate Change Statement which Countdown has committed to is as follows:

For the generations after us, for the country we love, for the viability of our businesses, we are ambitious for action on climate change. If we act now we can forge a path to create a future that is low-emission, positive for our businesses and economy, and inclusive for all New Zealanders. We are committed to playing our part to make that future real. If we don’t, our competitiveness is at risk.

We take climate change seriously in our business:

  • We measure our greenhouse gas emissions and publicly report on them
  • We set a public emissions reduction target consistent with keeping within 2° of warming
  • We work with our suppliers to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
  • We believe the transition to a low emissions economy is an opportunity to improve New Zealand’s prosperity:
  • We support the Paris Agreement & New Zealand’s commitment to it
  • We support introduction of a climate commission and carbon budgets enshrined in law

Other businesses looking to commit to action on climate change and play their part in the transition to a low emissions economy can find out more about the CEO Climate Change Statement, by visiting

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