Santa gives Countdown’s reindeer carrots the official stamp of approval

On Christmas Eve, kids all over New Zealand will be preparing the best snack plate for Santa and carrots for the imminent arrival of his trusty reindeer.  To ensure no family gets caught short this Christmas, Santa has given Countdown the official stamp of approval for its New Zealand-grown reindeer carrots and Santa cookies.

Scott Davidson, official Santa helper and Countdown’s Chief Christmas Elf, says the Countdown produce team reached out to Kiwi farmers last year to make sure they had enough carrots for the reindeer.

“Santa got in touch earlier in the year to let me know how much our Kiwi-grown carrots were enjoyed by his reindeer and to make sure we had enough in stock for this Christmas.

“Of course, you can’t say no to the big guy we immediately reached out to our local growers and ordered carrots specifically designed for Santa's reindeer.  Our growers have relished being part of this important project and are competing amongst themselves to ensure that their crop is the winner of Santa’s seal of approval,” says Scott Davidson.

“Last year, one last minute shopper bought carrots at 11.45pm, which must have been a very stressful trip to the supermarket.  We don’t want this to happen again so please make sure you pick up a handy pack of Reindeer Carrots and Santa's cookie treats in advance.”

Countdown has all your Christmas Eve needs covered this year: the official bag of Reindeer carrots is $3.00 and a pack of Santa’s biscuits is $3.49.


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