Kiwi home bakers already sorted for Christmas

Kiwi home cooks around the country have already got into the holiday spirit, mixing up their favourite Christmas cake ingredients in October as they prepare the perfect traditional Christmas cake for this year’s big event.  

Not only are traditional baking products flying off the shelves but Kiwis seem to have a complete love affair with Christmas food.  Thousands of mince pies and chocolate have already been consumed throughout October and November.

Other Countdown Christmas insights for October to mid November 2018:

  • We’ve already sold more than 22,000 glace cherries, with the sales of red glace cherries dominating over green ones by four to one

  • We’ve sold 5000 packs of fruit mince

  • Last year dried fruit sales in November increased more than 17 per cent on the month prior

  • Kiwis have bought more than

    • 46,000 bags of chocolate gold coins

    • 70,000 chocolate reindeer

    • 39, 000 chocolate Santas sold (single or multipack)

    • 56,000 packs of chocolates from our extensive chocolate range, always popular at Christmas.  The most popular products so far are Nestle Scorched Almonds, Mars Celebrations and Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.

    • We’ve sold more than 153,000 packs of entertaining crackers and biscuits including Kiwi favourites Griffins Sampler Boxes and Arnotts Cracker Cheeseboards.

  • For those of us not quite as dedicated to baking our own Christmas cake, Countdown has sold more than 11,000 Christmas cakes, 8000 of which sold in the first 11 days of  November. One of the most popular is the smaller Ernest Adams 250 gram cake, indicating people want to have a little indulgence of their favourite cake before the official day.

  • We’ve sold more than 680,000 individual fruit mince pies across our entire range. If these were stacked on top of one another they would be 62 times the height of the sky tower.

Scott Davidson, Countdown’s General Manager Merchandise says that Christmas time is when Kiwis make time to prepare and bake their families traditional recipes.

“We’ve been reviewing our sales figures from the last couple of years and have noticed that traditional baking goods such as fruit mince, dried fruit, glaze cherries and other similar ingredients all increase during October and November.

“As well as Kiwi home cooks, our own bakers have also been busy preparing thousands of Christmas cakes, puddings, brand snaps, pavlovas and biscuits ahead of the big day.

“Our stores have been getting into the Christmas spirit since the beginning of the month with decorations and we’ve started introducing a little bit of Christmas music in our stores this week. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we’ll have a bit more festive music playing as we find people really start to get into that Christmas festive atmosphere in store.

“We’ll also have a number of activities, tastings, giveaways, dress-up days, and donating food through our Christmas appeal to make shopping a great experience for people at this busy time of year, “ says Scott Davidson.

The popularity of Christmas goodies is similar to Halloween and Easter, with hot cross buns appearing on shelves in January; some products Kiwi just can’t get enough of no matter the time of the year.


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