Kiwi’s purchased quarter of a million Christmas fruit mince pies in October alone

12 November 2017:  Before you start grinching about the creep of Christmas in late September, spare a thought for all the Kiwis that can’t get enough of the Christmas fare - no matter the time of the year! Kiwis seem to have a complete love affair with Christmas mince pies and chocolate, with tens of thousands of Christmas products flying off the shelves in October alone.

Countdown has sold so many of its in-store baked Christmas fruit mince pies that if they were stacked on top of each other they would equal the height of over 1700 Christmas trees*.

Other Countdown Christmas insights for October:

  • More than 8000 Christmas themed decorative products have already been purchased
  • Kiwis bought more than
    • 34,000 bags of chocolate gold coins
    • 40,000 chocolate reindeer
    • 33, 000 chocolate santas
  • Countdown sold almost 3,000 Christmas cakes
  • Fruit mince sales has increased more than 20 per cent on the previous year
  • Quarter of a million individual fruit mince pies sold
  • Glace cherry sales has increased more than 28 per cent on previous year

Brett Ashley, Countdown’s Acting General Manager Merchandise says that this popularity of Christmas goodies is similar to hot cross buns appearing on shelves in January; some products people just love at any time of year.​

“In late September, we sold thousands of chocolate Santas on the first few days they hit the shelves, and sales figures to date this year show that tens of thousands of Christmas products such as chocolate gold coins, chocolate reindeer, and Christmas cakes have already been bought and we suspect some may have already been eaten, particularly the fruit mince pies,” he says.

“Reviewing our sales data also shows that Kiwis are already preparing and baking their Christmas cakes and traditional Christmas puddings. We have already sold more than 3000 packs of fruit mince and a whopping 11,500 packs of glace cherries in October alone,” says Brett.

“In a recent survey of our Countdown customers, they told us that they prefer to bake from scratch and half said they tend to follow a traditional recipe that has been handed down from a family member,” he says.  “Biscuits, fruit cake and pavlova are the most popular recipes to bake at Christmas.”

As well as the many home cooks around New Zealand, Countdown’s own bakers have their mixing bowls churning through the day as they anticipate making hundreds of thousands of Christmas cakes and puddings, brandy snaps, pavlovas, and biscuits leading into Christmas.

“We will start to roll out lots of our other Christmas products over the coming months as we need to stagger the process over several months to ensure we have shelf space both in store and at the distribution centre.”

This year, Countdown has launched a new range of Christmas goodies including many products which once again on Price Lockdown including Countdown Cooked on the Bone Half Leg Ham priced per kilo $9.99, Cowells pavlova at $9 and Instore Bakery Countdown Christmas Cakes Rich Dark Fruit 700g for $7.

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