Countdown recognised for encouraging Facebook use at work

26 May 2017: Last night at the Annual PRINZ Gala Awards Dinner, Countdown won the award in the internal communications category for its hugely successful launch of Workplace by Facebook.   

Countdown was the first business in New Zealand to adopt Facebook’s innovative internal communications tool which is designed to make it easier for our people to connect, and that is exactly what it has done for more than 8800 of our store team who have joined so far.

In February Countdown was also presented with an Innovation Award at the Workplace Australia and New Zealand Transform Conference. Both awards acknowledge Countdown’s work to bring its diverse team together, who aren’t in front of a computer with access to email all day. 

Dan Chasemore, Countdown’s Internal Communications Manager, says the roll-out of Workplace by Facebook has helped connect the Countdown team from all around New Zealand, from Waitangi to Invercargill. It’s also meant that team members can now easily and directly engage with leaders (including Countdown’s Managing Director) as well as the wider business in an open and constructive way.

“Workplace by Facebook has been very successful for us with people continuing to sign up to the platform every day.  We’re seeing a much more conversational culture with our team as they engage with each other, share exciting news, and even help each other with problem solving in a really easy and instant way.  This is critical with such a diverse team that is located all across New Zealand,” says Mr Chasemore.

Head of Workplace for Asia Pacific, Ramesh Gopalkrishna said Countdown was one of the first retail organisations in Asia Pacific to embrace Workplace by Facebook, and they have been extremely successful at connecting people on the shop floor who don’t normally have access to computers.

“The results from this forward-thinking approach are undeniable, with increased employee engagement and greater business agility,” says Mr Gopalkrishna.

Workplace by Facebook is designed to have a similar look and feel to Facebook, however employees sign on with a different username and password, and you don’t add your colleagues as friends, although you can ‘follow’ them.

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