Kiwis celebrate iconic treat on International Lamington Day

Popular Kiwi classic raising money for Alzheimers New Zealand, last weekend to donate at Countdown stores nationwide

21 July, 2017: Today is International Lamington Day, and Kiwis have devoured thousands of the sweet treat over the past four weeks to raise money for Alzheimers New Zealand.

It’s a little-known fact that while the origin of the pavlova has been a long-standing battle between New Zealand and Australia, lamingtons also have a controversial history between the two nations.

Australians claim the spongey treat was named after Queensland’s Lord Lamington in 1896, but rumour has it the lamington was actually invented in New Zealand in 1888 and originally called a Wellington[1]. The iconic shavings of coconut are intended to imitate the snow-capped mountains of New Zealand.

Lamingtons traditionally come in raspberry and chocolate, but modern flavour twists are proving popular. Last year a zingy lemon variety was introduced to Countdown, and its popularity has seen it return for a second year to raise funds to support the 62,287 New Zealanders who are currently living with dementia[2]. Lamington lovers helped raise $16,000 for the cause last year.

Kiwis have until this Sunday 23 July to purchase a six pack of lamingtons from Countdown, with 20 cents from each pack donated to the charity.

The lamingtons are part of Countdown’s Price Lockdown programme, and can be purchased in store for $4 each or two for $7.

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