Countdown named NZ Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year

24 February, 2017: Countdown was awarded gold, silver and bronze at last night’s New Zealand Direct Marketing Awards for its myCountdown personalised email programme, as well as taking out the coveted Keith Norris - Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year award.

The awards recognise insight-driven direct marketing campaigns that connect with customers and generate outstanding business results.

Countdown operates 184 supermarkets nationwide, with 2.8 million customers every week. Each store offers a unique set of more than 5000 weekly specials available in-store and online. Powered by Onecard, Countdown’s hugely successful loyalty programme, myCountdown was introduced in 2014 to tailor the communication of these specials, and other local store information, to individual customers. Driven by customer preference and transaction data the myCountdown email and web programme gives Countdown the ability to talk one-to-one with shoppers in a highly personalised, relevant way.

Along with the top gong, Countdown also won gold for Excellence in Data Strategy for the myCountdown engagement programme. A silver Channel Award came Countdown’s way for email marketing, and Countdown was awarded a bronze Industry Award in the Retail category.

Countdown’s General Manager Marketing Bridget Lamont says customers expect data to be used in an authentic and highly relevant way, and that the ability of tailored communications to support one-to-one conversations with customers has driven Countdown’s direct marketing success.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to use data to start the right conversations with new customers, and deepen conversations with those who already shop with Countdown. No matter who the customer is, every communication has to, first and foremost, respect that person and be relevant to his or her life. Everything we do is supported by insight and data, and that enables us to develop a programme of direct marketing communications that generates high levels of engagement and reach alongside tangible business outcomes,” says Bridget.

“Countdown embraced personalisation back in 2009 with mySpecials and took it to the next level with myCountdown in 2014, the past year has seen us focus on growth and engagement and still every day there are so many new ideas and opportunities to pursue to make things easy for our customers.

To be at the forefront of the digital transformation taking place in the direct marketing industry and our market is so exciting.”

Each award recognises a different area of Direct Marketing. The Industry Award allows campaigns to be judged alongside others in their particular sector. Channel Awards recognise how you can use different channels to engage audiences and Craft Awards celebrate the 'art' of the individual elements within response marketing campaigns.

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