New Onecard with AA Smartfuel brings savings together on one card

Two of New Zealand’s leading loyalty programmes come together to give customers more ways to save

3 October 2016:  Countdown and AA Smartfuel have unveiled a revamped Onecard loyalty programme, giving 3.5 million cardholders new ways to save money.

From Monday 10 October, customers can access exclusive Onecard Club Prices at Countdown, get instant fuel savings at AA Smartfuel partners BP or Caltex, and choose whether to earn Onecard Rewards Vouchers through Countdown or accumulate even more fuel savings through AA Smartfuel.  Customers can choose which type of reward suits them best – and switch what they earn at any time.

Onecard is one of New Zealand’s largest loyalty programmes, popular with supermarket shoppers for more than 20 years.  Kiwi start-up AA Smartfuel began in 2011 and is now the country’s largest fuel loyalty programme, widely recognised for instant fuel discounts and accumulated fuel savings.

Countdown’s Head of Loyalty Susan D’lima says the new Onecard programme has evolved to match what’s important to today’s customers: low prices every day, saving money through rewards, ease and flexibility.

“Our aim is to make customers lives a little better every day and the new Onecard is an easy and tangible way we can help New Zealanders save money on the things that matter to them, groceries and fuel.

“By partnering with AA Smartfuel we’re opening up an instant fuel saving to Onecard holders, and enabling AA Smartfuel cardholders to accumulate fuel savings on what could be their biggest spend per week once the bills are paid.  Together both programmes give consumers more opportunities to save whenever they swipe, on a single card, and without having to keep track of dockets,” says Ms D’lima.

AA Smartfuel Director, Ian Sutcliffe, says New Zealanders’ wallets will benefit significantly with Countdown joining the AA Smartfuel programme.

“Our 2.2 million members have been wanting us to have a grocery partnership for some time.  Bringing Countdown on board as a retail partner marks a significant milestone for consumers as we broaden our network to over 1500 retail outlets around the country.

“The benefit of that is tangible savings on the cost of fuel for motorists at BP and Caltex.  Our cardholders are already earning about $60 million in fuel discounts a year, with our most active users saving hundreds of dollars in a 12 month period.  Countdown is a major addition to the family of participating retailers and it’s a significant boost for consumers to be able to accumulate savings on a big weekly spend like supermarket shopping,” says Mr Sutcliffe.

New Onecard with AA Smartfuel: Savings Summary 


First way to save

Second way to save

Third way to save

Exclusive Onecard Club Prices on select products swiping your Onecard

Instant saving of 6c/litre (up to 50L) at AA Smartfuel partners BP or Caltex when you spend $40 or more at the pump.


Earn Onecard Rewards Vouchers


Accumulate additional AA Smartfuel discounts

How it works:

  1. Get exclusive Onecard Club Prices on selected products at Countdown when you swipe your card
  2. Get AA Smartfuel’s existing instant 6c/litre fuel saving (up to 50L) at AA Smartfuel partners BP or Caltex when you spend $40 at the pump
  3. Choose to earn Onecard points towards Onecard Reward Vouchers
    • Earn one point for every whole $10 you spend* when you swipe your Onecard
    • Every 200 points earns a $15 Onecard Rewards Voucher (subject to expiry of points


  • Choose to accumulate additional fuel discounts with AA Smartfuel
    • An additional 3 cents per litre (up to 50L) saving for every $100 spent* at Countdown in a Monday to Sunday week, up to a maximum saving of 6 cents per litre a week (up to 50L).
    • Combined with AA Smartfuel’s existing 6 cent per litre discount, customers could save up to 12 cents per litre on fuel each week (up to 50L). These discounts can be accumulated week after week and last until the end of the month after the month of purchase.

All new Onecards, AA Membership cards and AA Smartfuel cards will now become co-branded Countdown Onecards.  Active Onecard holders who have received Onecard Rewards Vouchers in the last year, and all AA Members will automatically receive their new Onecard at the address their current card is registered to.  For those customers who don’t receive a card or who wish to join the programme, new Onecards will be available to pick up in store and from participating BP or Caltex service stations from 10 October.

* See Onecard Terms and Conditions:


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