Countdown’s Food Rescue program teams up with Good Neighbour

Countdown’s Food Rescue program is teaming up with Tauranga food charity partner, Good Neighbour. This latest partnership will focus on the collection of fresh and frozen food in Tauranga, to help Kiwi families in need.

Good Neighbour, a not-for-profit organisation, will begin collecting food from Countdown Bureta Park from 4 December. The collection will begin with frozen foods and meat, but as the partnership develops this will extend to other products, fresh produce and bakery items.

Following this initial collection Good Neighbour will expand their collection to include all five Countdown stores in Tauranga.

Good Neighbour Manager John Paine says “we are excited to add Countdown to our donor partners. This will enable us to increase our recovery of food, which is currently 2 tonnes per week, and improve the variety and quantity of food we provide to our existing 26 charities. We will also be able to add more charities and better resource them to assist those in need in our community.”

NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell, a strong advocate for food waste minimisation, approached Countdown on behalf of Good Neighbour to promote the creation of this new relationship.

“I’m keen to continue supporting charities like Good Neighbour and facilitating responsible retailers and wholesalers of food as they look to minimise food waste. Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our society,” says Mr. Mitchell.

To celebrate the start of their partnership with Good Neighbour, Countdown has donated $500 worth of groceries, and $500 of Countdown vouchers to help Good Neighbour support the Tauranga community.

Countdown Group Manager Phil Guilford says “it is fantastic to see Countdown’s Food Rescue Programme expanding with the addition of a new partner in Good Neighbour for our Tauranga stores. We are excited to see food re-directed to where it is needed, so that we can help the local community.”

Good Neighbour will start their collections from Countdown Bureta Park, which will be followed by Countdown Bethlehem, Fraser Cove, Greerton, and Tauranga. These stores also have existing relationships with the Salvation Army, for dry goods and grocery items.

Countdown’s policy is to donate food that is still fit for consumption, wherever possible, to our community charity partners in the area. These charities then distribute the food to those in need. In the last year alone, we have provided $3.5 million worth of food throughout New Zealand.”

Good Neighbour joins Countdown’s Food Rescue charity partners throughout New Zealand, including The Salvation Army, FairFood, 0800 HUNGRY, Just Zilch, FoodShare, Kaibosh and KiwiHarvest.

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