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Going places? Save 35% when you
buy Countdown Travel Insurance online^

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Medical only cover:


Includes a 35% online only discount^

Comprehensive cover:


Includes a 35% online only discount^

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^Discount is applied to the base rate only. *Children under 20 covered for free. Terms and conditions apply.
Price is indicative and may be subject to change. ^Discount is applied to the base rate only. Children under 20 covered for free. Terms and conditions apply.

Travel Insurance

  • Medical only and Comprehensive policy options available.
  • 35% discount for buying cover online.
  • Children aged 20 and under are covered for free.*

**Before travelling please take note of any active travel
alerts here

There’s nothing better than an overseas holiday. Especially if you don’t have to think about stuff like expensive medical bills in overseas hospitals or replacing your stolen camera or laptop. With Countdown's Travel Insurance you can cover it all without eating up your spending money.

Book online and save 35% on your premiums. Plus to make life really easy, your children aged 20 and under are covered for free.* So get Travel Insurance today and enjoy even more of that carefree holiday feeling.

There are two levels of cover to choose from:

Medical Only Travel Insurance

Covers you and your children for accidents, injury and illness while you’re away. You can choose to cover pre-existing medical conditions too, and children aged 20 and under are covered for free*. And you can call our 24-hour emergency helpline from anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Includes everything Medical Only Travel Insurance covers plus your belongings, cancellations and even car rental excess.

Getting Travel Insurance is easy. Apply online here today for a 35% discount on your premiums or call 0800 99 77 00 today.

And if you change your mind within seven days - and have not travelled - we’ll refund you in full, no questions asked.

35% discount for buying online

All discounts apply to base premium and cover for specified items, but do not apply to any additional premium for covered medical conditions.

24-hour emergency assistance

Call our helpline from anywhere at anytime.

Things you need to know

  • All travellers must begin their trip from New Zealand.
  • You must have a return ticket for your trip from New Zealand.
  • All travellers need to hold a New Zealand passport, residency visa or they are an Australian passport holder living in New Zealand.
  • You will need to confirm that no traveller is intending to have cosmetic surgery or medical or dental treatment while overseas.
  • All travellers will need to confirm they have not been advised not to travel by a medical practitioner.
  • Covers single trip insurance for up to 365 days.
  • Premiums are rated by your age, duration of your trip and your destination(s).
  • We insure individuals, couples and families.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are excluded. However you can insure these for an added premium, depending on your condition and circumstances of your trip.
  • Hazardous activities are also restricted. If you have any questions please call us on
    0800 99 77 00.
  • Before applying we recommend you read the product policy wording for full terms and conditions.


* Children up to and including 20 years of age, belonging to either you, your spouse or partner
   (including legally adopted or fostered children).  Children 16 to 20 years old must be in full
   time education and financially dependant on you.


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Policy Wording


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