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Accidental Death Insurance

  • Three levels of cover to choose from
  • Acceptance guaranteed if you meet the eligibility criteria
  • 10% discount on joint policies

Accidents are a leading cause of death in under 70 year olds.^ Fortunately, Accidental Death Insurance is here  to offer your loved ones financial support if you suffer a fatal accident.

It’s easy and affordable too, starting at just $9 per month* for $75,000 of cover. Choose how much cover you need. Acceptance is guaranteed if you meet the eligibility criteria, and there are no medical questions, however pre-existing medical conditions are excluded. Accidental Death Insurance could give you that extra cover on top of any life insurance you may already have.

Plus there’s a 10% discount for joint policies. And your premiums don’t increase as you get older.

Applying is easy too – call 0800 99 77 00 today.

10% discount on joint policies

If you and your spouse both get Accidental Death Insurance, you’ll each get a 10% discount off your premiums.

30 day free look

If you change your mind about getting Accidental Death Insurance within 30 days, we’ll give a full refund of any premiums you have paid, no questions asked.

Choose from three levels of cover

  • For $9 a month you can get $75,000 of cover
  • For $12 a month you can get $100,000 worth of cover
  • For $18 a month you can get $150,000 worth of cover

Things you need to know

  • You need to be aged 18-65 to apply.
  • Accidental Death Insurance only covers accidents. For full life insurance cover we recommend you take out Countdown Life Insurance
  • The policy ends on the policy anniversary date following your 71st birthday.
  • Before applying we recommend you read the policy wording for full terms and conditions.


* This example is based on a single policy with $75,000 benefit costing $9 a month.

^ Ministry of Health Mortality and Demographic Data 2010, Published 4 October 2013.


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Policy Wording

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