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Countdown brings fresh approach to insurance market

Countdown brings fresh approach to insurance market

3 November 2014: In a first for New Zealand supermarkets, Countdown is launching a range of simple, great value personal insurance products to help Kiwis protect their loved ones and themselves.

Backed by specialist life insurer Cigna, Countdown Insurance expands on the supermarket's range of innovative offerings for customers. Insurance products are easily accessed and can be applied for online or over the phone.

Dave Chambers, Countdown Managing Director says, "At Countdown, we understand our customers and this is another way we aim to help meet their everyday needs. Countdown has a proud history of doing things first and innovating to improve the experiences of our shoppers," says Chambers. "Countdown Insurance reflects that same spirit and drive."

In research commissioned to support the launch, Countdown found that despite professing that family, friends and their health are what matters most, Kiwis are almost twice as likely to insure their possessions than themselves or their loved ones. While 89% of those surveyed have car, house or contents insurance, just 46% have personal insurance. The main barriers for not securing any form of cover were that people felt insurance was expensive, they were too busy or would never use it.

"It's clear that many people see personal insurance as expensive and somewhat unnecessary.  At Countdown our key point of difference is that we are already a part of people's everyday life, with 2.7 million customers walking through our doors every week. Our customers know us and we're well-placed to custom-design an insurance solution for Kiwis that's simple, great value and able to help make their lives a little bit easier," says Chambers.

Lance Walker, CEO Cigna, says that Cigna is excited to support Countdown in providing customers with a service that will offer simple, easy to understand policies and great value premiums. "We've been operating in the New Zealand insurance marketplace for over 90 years so we know the landscape well," he says. "While Countdown might be new to the insurance game, they'll be solidly backed by our knowledge and expertise every step of the way."

Countdown Insurance includes bill protection, pet, travel, accidental death insurance and life insurance. Free life insurance for new parents will also be offered and to celebrate the launch, Countdown is giving away free grocery protection insurance to the first 5000 customers who successfully apply.

"The product range has something for everyone, whether it's travel, insuring yourself, your family or your pets that you want to protect," says Chambers. "We spent a lot of time ensuring the mix of products is right for our customers and is priced appropriately."

For more pricing and policy details please go to www.countdowninsurance.co.nz or phone 0800 99 77 00.