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Countdown Insurance

Unfortunately we are no longer taking applications for Countdown Insurance Products. If you are an existing policy holder this does not impact your policy, which remains unchanged for the lifetime of the policy, and you will continue to receive the same service you do now.

Countdown Travel, Life, Accidental Death, Funeral Cover and Bill Protection will continue to be managed by Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand.

Countdown Pet Insurance will continue to be managed by Southern Cross.  

Need to make an insurance claim?

For Pet Insurance

Call: 0800 800 836

For Travel Insurance

Call: +64 9 347 1113 from abroad, otherwise call 0800 99 77 00

To make a claim on any other insurance types

 Call: 0800 99 77 00

Countdown Insurance
is backed by Cigna Life
Insurance New Zealand

Cigna is a leading specialist provider of insurance products and services with over 90 years of insurance experience.