The Odd Bunch

Introducing the Odd Bunch - funny looking fruit and veges for a whole lot less!

The Odd Bunch is an initiative which is the first of its kind in New Zealand to help cut food waste, use more produce from local growers and make healthy food more affordable. The Odd Bunch is great news for shoppers, growers and the environment. It’s simply delicious fresh produce that deserves to be tasted, not wasted.

With all things Mother Nature has to offer, The Odd Bunch availability is based on both the season and supply, and stock will vary from store to store, meaning it is incredibly unique!

Whether you are interested in supporting local growers, reducing your impact on the environment or simply saving money on fruit and veges, the Odd Bunch is the perfect option for you and your family. For some ideas on how to store, or use up your left over fruit & veges, check out our Love Food Hate Waste hub.

Countdown is the first New Zealand supermarket brand to sell ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables at a national scale. The price of The Odd Bunch produce will vary depending on seasonal price fluctuations and stock availability.

Keep an eye out for The Odd Bunch in-store, and now online!