Get More Good on your plate this Winter

As the days get shorter and nights colder, the cravings for those rich meals and warming puddings can get pretty strong! And while there’s nothing wrong with a bit of comfort food now and then, winter is also a great opportunity to make the most of seasonal produce and load up on the season’s bounty of vitamin and fibre-rich fruit and veggies. Here are some of our favourite ways to get More Good in over the colder months.

Warming breakfasts

Now that the weather’s cooling down it’s time to swap cereal for porridge. For sweetness try topping with seasonal fruit or frozen berries; you can also add nuts, LSA or chia seeds for extra protein and fibre. We love this slow cooker recipe for making the easiest, creamiest Overnight Porridge.

Scrambled eggs on toast is also a nice warm and quick breakfast in winter. Add herbs, chopped spinach or diced tomatoes for some extra fibre and goodness, and pile on top of wholegrain toast.

Tasty lunches

Frittatas are the perfect quick lunch and a great way to use up any veggies you have at the bottom of the fridge. Leeks and onion are good aromatic additions, plus any frozen veggies like peas, beans or corn. This Roast Potato and Pumpkin version is also great for using up any leftover roast veggies.

It doesn’t get much more comforting, easy and economical than soup. Make a big batch on the weekend and you’ll have a warm and nourishing lunch sorted for the week – pair it with some wholegrain bread to make it an extra filing meal. Some of our favourites include this Broccoli and Potato recipe and this hearty Slow-Cooker Tomato and Chickpea Soup.  

Healthy, hearty dinners

Casseroles made in the slow cooker are a time saver and make use of cheaper cuts of meat; feel free to add legumes such as chickpeas and lentils for extra fibre. You can also add lots of extra veggies – some ideas include spinach, silverbeet, kale, or root vegetables such as kumara or pumpkin.

A Sunday roast is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and gives you an opportunity to make use of all sorts of veggies. To make it a bit More Good, reduce the amount of oil you use for roasting (a few tablespoons is plenty), and get creative with the veggies you’re adding to the roasting tray – parsnips, carrots, onions and Brussels sprouts all make delicious additions. Make sure your plate also has lots of green veggies on it such as beans, peas, broccoli or silverbeet.