Building the perfect lunch box for younger ones

When it comes to packing the kids’ lunch boxes, finding the right balance between “nutritious” and “will actually be eaten” can be a challenge! Thankfully, our expert nutritionist has a handy guide for putting together the best lunch for active minds, healthy bodies and happy tums.

To get a healthier, balanced lunch box, try and include the following:

The main role of protein in your body is for growth, repair and energy. Perfect lunchbox protein additions include boiled eggs, cheese, nuts and seeds, lean meat and chicken.

Carbs provide that all-important energy for the playground as well as the classroom. Try to go for less processed carbs and choose wholegrain options to get more fibre and long lasting energy – for example, wholegrain bread, wraps, and crackers can be used in place of white bread.

This is so important for growing bones and teeth development. Up your child’s calcium intake by adding foods like yoghurt, cheese and almonds to their lunch box.

Fruit & veggies:
We all know that we need to eat fruits and veggies, and including a variety means they’re different vitamins and minerals. Mix and match fruit and veggies like mandarins, grapes, kiwifruit, pineapple, leftover roast vege and sugar snap peas.

Studies have also shown that kids are more likely to eat veggies when they’re served whole. Mini cucumbers, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes are other great lunchbox options for little hands.

Always make sure your kids have a bottle of water – this can be frozen the night before to help keep lunch boxes cool on hot summer days.