Make this winter sweet as with these fresh dessert and baking recipes

Whether it’s cold, wet and foggy, or crisp blue-sky days, winter in New Zealand is many things. But it’s also the season where Kiwis spend more time at home, preparing and enjoying comforting, warming meals, including tasty sweet treats and decadent desserts.

What’s better than a wintery afternoon spent baking? Make the most of in season fruit and try something new this winter, like the Pear and Cinnamon Cake with butterscotch sauce drizzled over top. The cake smells great when baking, but tastes even better. Check out our how to video to learn how to make it here.

Kiwifruit and Mandarin Pikelets is a recipe that’s perfect as an afternoon snack, or for getting more fresh into the lunchbox. Using mandarin, kiwifruit and banana, the pikelets have a sweet, zesty taste that that will make getting more fresh into the lunchbox a bit more fun.

Mandarins are delicious and sweet when in season, which give a fresh and unique taste in baking. After trying the Kiwifruit and Mandarin Pikelets, give Mandarin Milk Chocolate Cookies a go. The cookies are easy to prepare, great for the lunchbox and quick to bake, only matched by how long they’ll last on the kitchen bench when cooling.

You can also mix it up with a Kiwifruit Custard Tart, a dessert that uses in-season kiwifruit. The prep is under 15 minutes, with the baking only 25 minutes, meaning it’s ready and served in under an hour – perfect for a speedy dessert, whether it’s at home, or when you need to take a plate.

Orange Poppy Seed Cake is another zesty option for winter baking. It’s a sweet, tarty cake that’s perfect for afternoon tea or dessert. Check out our how to video to see how to make it here.

No matter how much time you have, or who you’re baking for, these fresh, sweet options are quick, easy and are sure to be a hit with almost everyone this winter. Best of all, they help you make the most of the fresh seasonal produce that’s available from Countdown.