Seasonal summer produce meal ideas

Finally, the months we’ve all been waiting for are here, the days are longer and the nights are warmer. With summer comes an array of colours and seasonal produce. Eating seasonally has many benefits, it’s gentle on the wallet and helps those family meals go the extra mile. But it also helps to know what fruit and vegetables are in season.

Capsicums, what’s not to love? Capsicums are very good for your health, they are rich in vitamin C, B as well as potassium and folate. They can be cooked in many different ways, grilled on the barbeque, cooked off in the oven, or tossed through a salad for added sweetness. Capsicums are best stored at home in a plastic bag in the vegetable compartment of your fridge. This will keep them fresh and crispy for up to two weeks. Our Quinoa and Corn Stuffed Capsicums are a tasty meal idea. Try whipping these up for a dinnertime meal variation, they’ll easily become a family favourite.

Courgettes have hit the shelves and are now in full force. Courgettes are a very diverse vegetable and there are many different ways to eat them. Try them spiralised, barbequed or grated. Our Courgette, Ham and Cheese Cups are a tasty favourite that the whole family will love. These are great in the kids’ lunch boxes, you can sneak those extra veges into their diet without them knowing!

Corn is great in salads, fritters, or fresh off the cob. When it comes to summer salads, you can’t beat a zesty corn salad topped with fresh fish. Our Grilled Fish with Corn Salad is a tasty and healthy meal for lunch or dinner. It’s light and fresh, and you can mix it up with different types of fish. If you were wondering how to tell when fish is cooked, check out our how to hack here.

There’s just something about the smell of fresh seafood cooking on the barbeque on a hot summers evening. Our BBQ Prawn and Peach Skewers are perfect for those balmy summer nights. They’re quick to prepare and paired with slices of in season sweet peach they’re absolutely delicious. Serve with a side salad and you’ll have a meal the whole family will love. To find out how to devein prawns, watch our hack video here.