Five ways to use feijoas

Few foods say Autumn in New Zealand quite like the feijoa. At this time of year they are falling from the trees, plump and full of flavour. We help you make the most of this seasonal bonanza while it lasts!

Feijoas are fantastic in savoury dishes - for example they are a winner baked with pork - but they also really come into their own in baking. A feijoa crumble with a bit of lime zest in the crumble is just delicious, as is Feijoa, Lemon and Coconut Muffins, and Feijoa Maple Roly-Poly. For something a bit different, make healthy feijoa ice cream, which is a great way to use up feijoas. Blend frozen feijoa pulp and frozen bananas with cream, coconut cream, yoghurt, honey, cinnamon and vanilla - delicious!

If you’re lucky enough to have a feijoa tree (or nice neighbours) you’ll probably have a glut of feijoas at this time of year. Spread the feijoa joy throughout the year by preserving some - watch our handy video to see three different ways on how to preserve them. We also have delicious recipes for Feijoa Paste and Warm Feijoa Chutney, if you get stuck for feijoa recipe ideas.

How do you know when feijoas are ripe? While you can buy feijoas when they are firm, they’re best bought ripe. When the fruit has some ‘give’ in it, it’s at its best. If the feijoa has started going brown it’s past its best. Once opened, a ripe feijoa will have a clear centre while the flesh nearer to the skin is opaque.

How long will feijoas keep before going bad? Feijoas lose flavour and quality fast. Once harvested, enjoy them within a few days, or freeze the flesh for later. Feijoas will last for 3-5 days at room temperature or up to 10 days in the fridge. Did you know the skin is also edible? While it’s a bit too tart for many people, in a crumble or cake with added sugar it works a treat. You can even store peeled feijoa skin in the freezer and add it to smoothies throughout the year for a burst of feijoa flavour and fragrance.

Feijoa goes well with so many other foods - with ginger they are just heavenly! They work well with pork too but they shine in cakes, crumbles, puddings and other desserts - marry them with apples, dark chocolate, coconut and lime zest.