Nothing needs to go wasted

How many times have you peered into the back of the fridge and discovered food items that have been stashed there for weeks, overlooked and forgotten. We need to get smarter about fully using the food we purchase, and this means getting smarter about food that’s about to spoil and leftovers. Here’s a few meal ideas to help you use up that leftover food.

Quiches and frittatas are a great way to use up leftover vegetables and cuts of meat. They’re quick and easy to prepare and are a meal the whole family will love. If you have eggs you need to use up and your vegetables are starting to spoil, then think about whipping up a quiche. Try our Roasted Tomato and Basil Quiches,they’re a delicious snack for your morning or afternoon tea. And these Mini Vegetable Frittatas are perfect for lunchboxes, just swap out the veges for whatever you have in the fridge.

Soups have long been our saving grace when when we have produce that needs to be used up. When your vegetables are starting to look a little wilted, and things are starting to soften, a soup can bring all of these vegetables back to life! And the good thing about soups is that they don’t need to look good to taste delicious. Our Spring Vegetable and Meatball Soup or Hearty Bacon Hock Soup makes for a tasty lunch, and they're both jam packed full of vegetables.

Quite often when making a bolognese, there’s always enough to feed an army. And with good intentions we always place it in the fridge, sealed, to eat the following day. But it doesn’t always happen. Our Bolognese, Tomato and Feta Tart is a perfect way to use up that leftover bolognese. And you can throw in any extra vegetables you have to bulk it up. Serve with a fresh side salad and you’ll have a meal everyone will enjoy.

A handy tip to help your vegetables go that extra mile. Always store your vegetables in the correct place. Potatoes, onions and tomatoes should always be stored in a cool, dry environment. And when placing items in the fridge, always check that they aren’t wet to prevent ripening too quickly