Delicious Autumn produce to feed the family.

With Autumn comes an array of colours and seasonal produce to fill your fridge from top to bottom. It’s always good to know what’s in season, it helps those family meals go the extra mile and is gentle on the wallet.

Autumn and pumpkin recipes go hand in hand. Pumpkin is a great option for bulking up any family meal. It’s always reasonably priced in Autumn and goes the distance. Swap out your Sunday roast and try our Hummus and Paprika Crusted Chicken with Pumpkin, it’s absolutely delicious.

It seems that citrus trees just can’t help but fruit all at once. So, what do we do when life gives us lemons? Make lemonade! Or, you could make Pan-fried Fish with Lemon and Garlic Couscous. Lemons and fish are great mates, they always have been. Give your lemons a makeover and use the juice and zest to give your couscous the extra boost it needs.

Gone are the days of sitting at the table, force feeding yourself over-boiled broccoli while your mother watches. Broccoli is delicious, it’s fresh in flavour, crisp, and is the superfood we’ve all grown to love. Broccoli is one of the most versatile vegetables in the fridge, it’s great in omelettes, stir-frys or as a simple side. Try our Bacon and Broccoli Carbonara, it’s an absolute stand out dish and you’ll have the kids begging you for more.

Cabbage is always the last vegetable to be picked for any family meal. It’s not a flashy vegetable but it’s full of health benefits, it lowers cholesterol and provides a great boost of vitamin K. But with a little bit of love, cabbage can be delicious. Try our Thai Red Curry with Pumpkin, Cabbage and Prawns. It’s quick, simple and is a meal the whole family will love.