Tasty weeknight wonders

Your grandmother knew it. Your mother knew it. Spinach is a mineral rich superfood, but not always a hit with the kids on its own. Right? Problem solved with this mouth-watering recipe though. You, and they, will love it when combined with hearty potatoes and a tin of tuna, then baked in the oven. Simple. Try our Potato, spinach and tuna bake and rest easy, you can see how it’s made here.

Bored with the usual weekday recipe? Feel like a taste of the Orient this week? Go Japanese the easy way with this crowd-pleasing Chicken katsu dish. Chicken tenders are great to use on those nights when you’re running short of time, because the hardwork has already been done for you. Plus, it’s an excuse to get the family to try using chopsticks if they aren’t experts already. Either way, knife and fork or two sticks of bamboo, this recipe means you can say Sayonara to your weekday meal plan stress levels.

Risotto has always been a crowd pleaser, and our Lemon fish with leek risotto is a dish you’ll definitely be wanting to make again. Fish is a delicious source of natural protein and Omega 3, so you know you’re putting a healthy option on the table for everyone to enjoy. Plus, the protein in the fish and the leek risotto makes this a meal that fills empty tummies, and keeps them full for longer. No complaints after you put this down on the table that’s for sure.

Speaking of dishes that hit the spot, try our Chargrilled vegetable stack. This meal has loads of tasty goodness in every delicious layer. It’s a great alternative to lasagne, and because the layers are made with wraps and not pasta, it’s much faster to cook. The result? You get to put your feet up in front of the telly even sooner.

So there you have it, four great weekday meals you can whip up without a lot of head scratching. We’ve already done the thinking for you.