Easy freezer ideas to help you save.

Love your left-overs by making friends with your freezer.

Did you know that the amount of food waste worldwide every year is enough to feed nearly 1 billion hungry people? While the average Kiwi family throws out three shopping trolleys of food every year? Simply by making the most of your freezer that number would come down and so would your grocery bill.

The good news is you can freeze almost anything. Chocolate, milk, pastry, egg yolks and cheese are all fine to keep in the freezer. When a recipe calls for egg whites only, simply pour the leftover yolks into an airtight container with a pinch of salt or heaped teaspoon of sugar for every four yolks, then freeze. When it comes to cheese, grate it before you freeze then it’s even easier to use – perfect for topping these simple Roast Vege Pizzas

Vege’s are best frozen using the open freeze method. Simply cut them into evenly sized pieces, par-boil slightly then pop them onto a tray lined with baking paper and into the freezer. Once they’re frozen solid put them in airtight bags.

Open freezing also works well for fruit. For fresh fruit, simply put slices or whole berries onto a tray lined with baking paper and freeze them solid before popping into a bag. That way you’ll have them ready to go for your favourite smoothie recipe or use your frozen banana pieces for this tasty Banana bread

Freezing left-overs is a great way to save as well. Keep them for lunches or snacks or as part of another meal. This tasty Rice-crusted Quiche is perfect for using up frozen vege left-overs as well as helping the family get their 5 + a day.

It’s a good idea to go for proper food bags or airtight containers to avoid freezer burn. Squeeze out the air, seal and label and date with a permanent pen. To avoid surprises, make sure your labeling shows the difference between cooked food and raw. To reduce waste, freeze food in realistically sized portions so you don’t have to defrost a meal for 10 when you’re only feeding four. This recipe for Bacon, Egg & Potato pie is great for freezing in individual serves for lunch or whole as an easy dinner.