3 sensational seafood dishes made easy

Serve the catch of the day the easy way. 

Living in a land surrounded by sea, it makes sense to dish up fish at least once a week. Packed with Omega 3 it is good for the heart, plus some research says eating fish can boost your mood as well.

Ironically though, fish wasn’t a big part of the diet of most Kiwis in the 20th century because we relied on meat as a protein source. It’s really only in the last thirty years that New Zealanders have come to accept seafood as a regular addition to our meals beyond the traditional fish and chips.   

Inspired by the recipes of Greece, Southern Italy and Spain in the 1940’s and 50’s, the Mediterranean diet has been said to be one of the healthiest ways to eat. This recipe uses olive oil, olives, tomatoes and capers to bring a taste of the Med to the heart of the Pacific.

Did you know that while prawns and shrimps both have five pairs of legs, shrimps only have claws on two while prawns claws are on three? Although when it comes to shellfish deliciousness, who’s counting? This recipe matches seafood with pasta and they make perfect partners. Bursting with the flavour of sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, juicy prawns and spicy chorizo, it’s ready to go in under half an hour.

Now that you’ve remembered how tasty prawns are, you might like to take a peek at this video to see how to devein them quickly and easily. 

Using coriander, lemon and ginger, these delicious Salmon cakes give a Thai twist to a Kiwi favourite. They’ll be on the table in less than half an hour served with a delicious dipping sauce the kids will love.