The best dinners, that also make delicious leftover lunches

From dinner to lunch. How to get ahead with just one meal.

It’s Monday morning; the alarm goes, and suddenly it’s all on. There never seems to be enough hours in the day, especially in that hectic time between stepping out of bed and stepping out the door for work. And the casualty of this morning chaos? Your healthy home prepared lunch of course.

Save time and your taste buds with these yummy dinners that also make delicious leftover lunches. Just increase the quantities as needed to ensure you have plenty left over for lunch.

Buying lunch every day can be costly, and depending on where you work, your choice of healthy and delicious lunchtime delights can be few and far between. These Kumara & Bacon Fritters make the perfect pack-up-and-go leftover lunch.

Look for meals that will only get better after 12 hours in the fridge. The flavours of your favourite stew or spicy dish will intensify overnight and leave you hanging out at lunchtime. Try this delicious Cajun Chicken Tortillas recipe.

Want a lighter option? Salads can also make delicious leftovers. Prepare your salad as usual, ensuring you have enough left for lunch. Before you add the dressing, separate your lunch out into an airtight container. Take the dressing separately, or keep a bottle of your favourite at work. Try this Chicken Lentil Salad this week. You can also transform any dinner side salad into a filling lunch by adding a handful of seeds, feta, or cold meat.

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