Take your taste buds on tour

Exotic flavours from around the world

If being confined to a tiny seat, 30,000ft up, with two kids doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, then why not take the family on a world trip via their bellies. Mamas around the world are serving up delicious food every night; that could be just the thing to liven up your table.

From American stateside favourites to the flavours of the Mediterranean, the rich spices of Africa or the fresh kick of Vietnamese cooking. There are hundreds of delicious ways to take your taste buds on tour. Get started with our top picks from around the world.


Greek Baked Chicken

The first cookbook in history was written by a Greek foodie called Archestratus in 320 B.C. So it’s fair to say the Greeks know their food. This dish always wins high praise and the bonus is that it’s really simple to make.

Cajun Chicken Tortillas

The origins of Cajun food can be traced from Louisiana back to Acadia in Canada and beyond to France. These Cajun Chicken Tortillas are a simple way to get a taste for this unique Southern American style.

Hoisin & Plum Pork Mince Lettuce Cups

Chinese food tends to be less spicy than most other Asian cuisine, so it’s a good one for the whole family. As well as being nice and healthy, this dish is also fun to eat.

Beef Nachos

Using what little ingredients he had left, Mexican maitre d’, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, invented this dish to feed some American soldiers who’d turned up after hours. It’s still a great way to satisfy guests - unexpected or otherwise.