Five delicious ways with cabbage

Why you should be eating cabbage

The humble cabbage may not have earned itself the ‘super food’ tag, but its nutritional value shouldn’t be overlooked. Plus, it’s delicious and cheap to boot.

Often overlooked and left discarded at the bottom of the veggie draw, cabbage isn’t a flashy vegetable, but we think it’s time it got a bit of love.

Packed full of health benefits, cabbage, contains some pretty powerful antioxidants. Why should you care about them? Because it is these babies that have been found to protect against several types of cancer, including breast, colon, and prostate. They also help lower the bad cholesterol levels in our blood, which as we know, can do all sorts of damage to our arteries and heart. But cabbage’s super powers don’t stop there. This humble veg provides 85% of our daily requirement of vitamin K, which is important for our bone metabolism, but more importantly is known as an Alzheimers preventative. And as if that wasn’t enough reasons to rush out and get yourself some cabbage, one serving also provides 54% of our daily vitamin C needs (that’s more than oranges), perfect for the colder months. And it tops us up with iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium for strong bones, and potassium for regulating the heart rate and blood pressure.

See, we told you cabbage deserved some love!

So to help you enjoy all that cabbage you're about to add to your veggie draw, we’ve compiled our 'top five delicious ways with cabbage' recipe ideas below. Enjoy every tasty mouthful, as you eat your way to better health.

Tortilla Cups with Spicy Beef

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Curried Mince with Cabbage and Rice

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Three Cabbage Slaw

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Thai Red Curry

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Mee Goreng

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