Winning Winter One Pot Wonders

One-pot meals are such a great option for busy winter days.  And when you can feed the troops for just $15?  Even better.  Here are our top recipes for one-pot wonders:


Hearty Bacon Soup

Gluten and dairy-free, this delicious soup is full of flavour and takes just 20 minutes to put together.  (To make this prep time even FASTER, check out our kitchen hack: Top Five Ways to Speed Up Dinner Prep).  This nutritious soup bubbles away largely unattended for 2 and a half hours, so it makes for an easy cook when you can keep an eye on it while pottering around with other household tasks.  Entertaining friends or family for Sunday lunch?  Serve the soup alongside some crusty bread and a full-bodied red wine, and watch their faces light up!

Beef tagine with roasted cauliflower

Talk about easy, this one-pot wonder is a cinch to prepare and cooks away happily in the oven while you get on with other things.  It sounds a little bit fancy, but the word ‘tagine’ (say: tar-jean) just describes the flat earthenware dish with a tall conical lid traditionally used to cook North African stews.  Commonly we use the word ‘tagine’ synonymously with ‘stew’.  While tagine dishes look pretty cool on the dinner table, this recipe can be cooked in any appropriate ovenproof stewing dish- you don’t need to buy any fancy new equipment to enjoy it.

Bacon and Broccoli Carbonara

Ok, ok, we’re sprung.  This is not technically a one-pot recipe.  You’ll need to cook the fettuccine pasta in a separate pot while preparing the rest of the carbonara.  But it’s so delicious and simple we just had to include it in this list!  Broccoli is a powerhouse winter vegetable full of antioxidants.  Together with a little fresh thyme, bacon and the ingredients of a classic carbonara- parmesan and eggs- this easy recipe has a seriously scrumptious dinner on the table within 35 minutes of stepping in the door.  You see, you’ll let us off, right?

Corned Beef and Vegetable Soup

Another super-simple-to-prepare dish, this soup gets itself ready without much help from the cook at all!  (You can also use part of the corned beef silverside for tomorrow night’s dinner: see the recipe for Corned beef pockets here.)  The soup uses great value seasonal leeks, cabbage and potatoes, as well as a ¼ cup of parsley.  If you’re feeling daunted by a bout of herb-chopping, check out our Kitchen Hack video: Easy Tip for Chopping Herbs.

Chunky Chicken, Potato and Sweetcorn Soup

Another warming winter soup, this recipe from Jax Hamilton combines succulent chicken, canned corn kernels and seasonal potatoes.  Ready in just an hour it makes a deliciously simple meal for dinner or lunch, with maximum comfort factor!  We bet you’ll find both these soups so mouth-watering, you’ll want to make up extra-big batches for freezing and enjoying later.  (And you can see more great cost-saving tips here.) Enjoy!