Six super saving tips for winter food shopping

The winter season is an ideal time to take a good look at where to save money on food.  Here are some awesome cost-saving ideas:

  1. Eat what’s local, fresh and in season. Often local produce is abundant in supply and usually on special, helping you save even further.
  2. Soups are nutritious and delicious, and when you make them with seasonal ingredients like broccoli or pumpkin they’re a really cost-effective meal.  Making big batches of soup and freezing portions for later is an even smarter way to save.  Try these delicious recipes for Hearty Bacon Soup or Pumpkin and Kumara Soup with Crispy Bacon  
  3. If you can make the time to do it, preserve seasonal foods.  Use winter onions and apples to make chutneys and pickles, or winter citrus fruits to make marmalade or jam.  (Here’s a hint: these homemade treats also make lovely, inexpensive Christmas gifts!)
  4. Use whole pieces of meat to create more than one meal.  For example, boil up a whole chicken and shred the meat to use in a meal like Chicken and Pasta Bake, then use the carcass and bones as a base to make a stock or soup.  You can also freeze portions of home-made stock for future use.
  5. Winter’s a cosy time to get social with friends and family, and everyone can save money to boot.  Kick off a new tradition by hosting a pot-luck dinner.  Each group provides a simple dish - the Classic Mince and Cheese Pie is sure to be a favourite! Usually there seems to be more than enough food and even some left over for tomorrow!
  6. Speaking of leftovers… look closely at the food you might think about throwing away.  Cold cooked vegetables make a tasty sandwich filling with some cheese and a little mayo.  Leftover meat and veg can also be stirred through eggs and cheese for a quick omelette.  Stale bread can be whizzed up for breadcrumbs (then store in the freezer), toasted for croutons or everyone’s favourite… make a bread and butter pudding for a warm treat on a cold winter night!