How to reinvent family favourites

Ah, family favourites. They fill us with a sense nostalgia even before we take our first mouthful, and sometimes nothing else will do but the classic versions of these beloved dishes. But because we know them so well, they are also a great opportunity for some kitchen experimentation.

So how do you know which dishes are ripe for reinvention? Look for anything with a good simple base that different flavours can easily be added to. We’ve complied a few of our favourites below.

Take lasagne. We all love the cheesy, beefy classic, but try a veggie option with layers of pumpkin and spinach, or swap the beef for chicken and the sauce for cottage cheese. Check out our lasagne kitchen hack video for inspiration.

Mac-n-cheese must be at the top of most people’s family favourites list, but this simple pasta bake is just asking to be refreshed. Try adding some cooked green veggies in with the pasta, or whizzed up in the sauce. Go spicy by adding a good measure of chilli or hot sauce. Or change up the cheese, with a four cheese medley, or a hit of blue cheese, with a nut and seed sprinkle on top.

Pizza is a classic Friday night treat, and we all have our favourite toppings. Why not try mixing up your cheeses, by adding blue cheese for a real kick. Or try our Roast Vegetable and Pesto Pizza recipe.