Top five ways to avoid meal monotony

Meal monotony. What is it and how to cure it?

Dinner time is fast approaching; the kids have started asking that dreaded question, “what’s for dinner?” (insert whiny undertone), and your mind resembles your pantry – empty. It’s time for some quick thinking Mama, and luckily help is at hand.

The top five ways to cure meal monotony.


You’re yawning already, but pre-planning is the number one way to avoid meal monotony. Once a week, make yourself a cuppa, grab your favourite cookbooks and magazines, or hop online and make a list of what you want to cook and what you need to do it. Half an hour once a week, and you don’t need to strain your brain for the rest of the week.

Grow your ‘go to’ list

Having a variety of ‘go to’ meals is key for avoiding weekday monotony, but rather than causing kitchen chaos with a new meal every night, try adding one to two new meals a week and slowly build up your bank of signature dishes. How about Cracked Wheat and Beef Meatballs this week?

Mix it up

Once you’ve nailed the basics, why not have some fun and try something new with a family favourite. Take lasagne, for example, we all love the cheesy, beefy classic, but try a veggie option with layers of pumpkin and spinach, or swap the beef for chicken and the sauce for cottage cheese.

Follow a foodie

Put your daily social media time to good use and follow some foodies that you love. They will serve you up with delicious inspiration for tonight’s dinner, without you having to strain your already jam-packed brain.

Travel the world

Take the family on a world trip via their bellies by injecting a bit of culture into your cooking. Every country has a delicious lineup of family favourites for you to try and it’s a great way to introduce new flavours into your midweek mix. Go, go Italy. Try our Roast Vegetable and Pesto Pizza!