Top five recipes to clear out the fridge

We all do it. Diligently head to the supermarket to buy what we think we're going to need for the week. This is the most convenient and budget conscious way to shop, but as the week storms ahead and plans change, we can be left with a fridge full of ingredients looking for a recipe.

So to avoid the annual end of week throw out, we’ve put together our top five recipes to help you clear out the fridge. Not only will your wallet thank you, but there isn’t anything more satisfying than whipping up a delicious dinner, using just what you have in the house.

Cheesy vegetable bake with honey glazed carrots

Clear out the veggie drawer with this delicious family friendly recipe. Remember, you can replace the bacon with ham and the baby carrots for sliced carrots if that’s what you have.

Italian sausage and tomato pasta

Pasta is a great way to use up what you have left in the fridge. Just make a simple tomato or cream based sauce and then add what you have. This Italian sausage and tomato pasta is easy and delicious.

Curried mince with cabbage and rice

Take out that lonely pack of mince tucked away in the back of the freezer. Rescue that cabbage half lurking in the veggie draw. Raid the pantry for some rice and you’ve got yourself a delicious dinner.

Roast vegetable and pesto pizza

This is a great way to use up all those leftover veggies. Just modify the recipe to suit whatever you have kicking around.

Ratatouille lasagne

Lasagne is an easy one to modify, and this Ratatouille Lasagne is a great way to clear out the fridge and make way for next week.